VA Benefit Blog is always seeking different points of view on the VA system. We are willing to post non-commercial guest articles as long as they are on topic and a good fit for our readers. See our user-generated section, YOUBenefit for examples of articles.

Some articles we would love to feature:

  1. First-hand experiences from veterans who have used their VA benefits, be it medical benefits or the home loan guarantee program.
  2. Articles from current soldiers who may or may not have used certain benefits
  3. Articles from other members of the VA community

 Some sample topics that are very on topic for our site include:

* VA home loans

* Basic Allowance for Housing

* Medical Benefits

* Current VA news

* Interesting military news

* GI Bill/Education Benefits

* Death/Burial Benefits

We are interested in hearing from potential bloggers that want to publish one post as well as ones who may want to come on board as featured writers. Before sending us a post to review, please make sure you follow the following criteria:

  1. Posts should be a minimum of 300 words
  2. No duplicate content will be accepted, we will check.
  3. No affiliate links
  4. Only original content written by the author
  5. Please share your article on your website and social media accounts.


If your article fits this criteria, please send it to robert [at] vabenefitblog [dot] com.