Weekly Roundup Issue # 9

This week covered some hopeful legislation, political encouragement and a very popular homebuyer tax credit.

Congress Looking to Require Chiropractic Availability at all VA Health Centers

This is one of the most post popular articles we’ve written.  A handful of congressmen and women are putting legislation on the table to spread the availability of chiropractic care to all veterans.  Currently only about 36 VA Health Care facilities currently have a chiropractic practitioner on staff.  If the legislation is passed, every VA facility will be required by law to have a staff chiropractor.

Service Members Can Still Tap into First-Time Homebuyer Tax Credit

While the $8000 tax credit is no longer available to the civilian population.  Current military service members and new veterans can still purchase a home loan and receive this credit.   With a deadline of April 30, 2010, there isn’t much time left.  This opportunity is available to those who served at least 90 days overseas between January 1st, 2009 and April 30th, 2010.

Nonpartisan Group Encourages Vets to Run for Office

Veterans Campaign, a group without any political alignment, was set up when a Marine Corp Reserve Captain attended a class aimed at women interested in political campaigns.  The organization believes that military veterans are especially qualified to perform in the political arena, and that Americans hold these veterans in a better light than most politicians.

Legislators Fight to Gain Benefits for Gay Veterans

Currently veterans who were discharged under Don’t Ask Don’t Tell have a discharge characterized as “other than honorable.”  This prevents them from being eligible for any VA benefits.   While there is controversy over the ethics of vets who were put out involuntarily and those who used DADT as an avenue to end their contract early, these legislators are not currently quantifying the difference.

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  1. hello great vet of this country we love any way my question is im going on yoo get and operaton on my knee total replacement can this help my case some thanx a vet in need

      1. I don’t know why so many people hate on him. He is just doing his job, and when you are a Chiropractor, you need to tuch your cnetlis, like a masseur is tuching his cnetlis. I also find him to be nice and caring, so I don’t see the problem.

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