Weekly Roundup Issue # 39

This week had some positive news.  New lists for presumed Agent Orange exposure, another avenue to education, and California state veterans benefits.


VA Creates List of Ships for Vietnam Agent Orange Presumed Exposure

Vietnam veterans who served on ships have been asking for decades for medical benefits due to exposure to Agent Orange.  Until now, most of these veterans were not considered under the presumed exposure idea which covers the majority of Vietnam veterans who served on land.

The VA has listened.  There is still a list of criteria that has to be met, and of course proof of service must be shown.  There are several groups of ships and boats that are on this list.


State Benefits Series: California

State Benefits Series: Each state has their own department of veterans affairs, but many veterans are not aware of what benefits these state departments offer that are different from the federal Dept. Va.  This series hopes to clear that up.  In alphabetical order, we will tell you what each state offers.  Today: California.


Chapter 35 – The Survivors and Dependents Assistance Program

The Chapter 35 provides up to 45 months of entitlement for eligible spouses and dependent children to go to school and learn a career. The program provides a means to get a post-secondary education either as a traditional student in a brick-and-mortar classroom setting, or through one of many online options.




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