Weekly Roundup Issue #36

Another short week as we’ve spent some time troubleshooting our site.  Rest assured, we are fixing things.  This week included Alabama, the first installment in our state benefits series, and some information on non-loan, non-military funding for education.

Non-Military Education Grants for Military Dependent Children

Read about the different grants and scholarships that are available.  The best thing about grants and scholarships is that they are basically free money, you don’t pay them back.


State Benefits Series: Alabama

The first state to kick off our series explaining the benefits that the state VA departments have.  More to come…


To Put Your Mind at Ease

To assure you that we are addressing the problem of some readers receiving malware warnings.




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  1. To all of the brother Veterans . Please don’t let you word be Silent. Support each other. If you see one of ours down , help him or her. If you can bring them in..We have to start. Our brothers and sisters need us. We need each other to fight for what we have been needing to live.

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