Weekly Roundup Issue #35, and Other Fun Things

Short, short week, but a lot of chatter on the blog’s facebook page.  So here’s your week end reading and some more fun stuff.

Which GI Bill is Right For Me – The Montgomery or Post 9/11?

A description of the circumstances that make one GI Bill better over the other.

Warrior Stories: Real Combat Life

Real Combat Life is a website that is more accurately described as a compiled blog.  Veterans have expressed their experiences and stresses, and have had the courage to offer this to others.


“Other Fun Things”

So because this week was void of any good news in the veterans’ benefits world, I asked our readers to submit what they wanted to read about.  Lots of you responded!  My initial offer of 2 t-shirts for 20 responses got blown out of the water.  Therefore, 7 sounds like a more appropriate number.  Facebook has some interesting rules about asking for contact info, so, those named below, send an email to audrey@vabenefitblog.com with where you want your shirt sent to, and of course, include what size.  Unfortunately I can’t send shirts overseas.  When you contact me, if you wish your name removed from this post, just say so and it’ll happen.

Winners from Facebook!

  • Russell Kaufman
  • Brendon Fredericks
  • Jerry Packer
  • Monica C. Bond
  • Kelly Marie
  • Amy R. Gretchner Jaworski
  • Chad Browning

Winners from Twitter – Follower submitted ideas!

  • @nelson_patrick
  • @Brenner57

More winners from Twitter, weekly ReTweet contest!

  • @KayleighEve
  • @mrmuggins53

1 thought on “Weekly Roundup Issue #35, and Other Fun Things”

  1. how can I purchase one of your T-Shirts? Do you take donations? I really enjoy receiving your updates. The information is great!

    BTW – I’m a 100% P&T disabled USMC veteran of the Vietnam War. I’m loaded with toxins from Agent Orange. I had a lung transplant in June 2009 due to Pulmonary Fibrosis (terminal) caused by this chemical. Also have insulin treated diabetes, had open heart surgery in 2004. Again, due to chemical exposure. Had HEP C due to being stitched up in the field under unsanitary conditions in RVN. Just wanted to give you some bio on me. Not complaining at all, just stating facts. I think I handle all of this very well. The clinicians at the VA here in Buffalo, NY and Madison, WI (where I had transplant) say I have a great attitude.
    Anyway – thanks for this great blog.
    God Bless
    Mike S.
    USMC – SGT (disabled)

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