Weekly Roundup Issue #34


TSGLI Benefits Extended Retroactively To October 7th, 2001

Due to changes made by the Veterans Benefits Improvement Act, all qualifying non combat injuries that were not covered for the first 5 years of the Iraq war are being compensated for retroactively.


More Work Against Homelessness

One small county already knows what it is going to do with the money awarded from the VA as part of the effort to prevent veteran homelessness.


Class-Action Lawsuit Wins Benefits for Veterans with PTSD

In a precedent setting case, veterans from OIF and OEF sued the VA system because they were denied benefits to help them cope with PTSD.  The case settlement states that this denial was illegal.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup Issue #34”

  1. I applied for VA benefits last Dec. and I have received the same forms 3 times to sign. So all I can say is don’t give up brothers and sisters. Keep playing the game.

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