Weekly Roundup Issue #32

This week has seen some new advances by that VA that are making folks happy.

Self-Employment Tips with Voc Rehab

Chapter 31 Vocational Rehabilitation & Employment (VR&E) is such a dreamy program with little information online for veterans to actually read. I think most guides and websites give qualified veterans roughly 2 pages of information. If this seems reasonable to you, rest assured that there is more to the story than what they tell you upfront.

VA Begins Offering Childcare During Visits

In a survey done by the VA, 33% of veterans using VA health care services expressed a need for childcare during their visit.  Additionally 10% of the respondents reported having to cancel or reschedule an appointment because they were unable to find adequate childcare for the duration of their VA visit.

Study Measures Benefits of Service Dogs on Veterans with PTSD, Open for Participants

Florida veterans have a very special opportunity to participate in a study which takes the next step in researching ways to help veterans with the debilitating effects of PTSD.  So many times we hear “go find a mental health professional.”  This is, of course, a good plan of action, but sometimes more is needed.  This study, coordinated between the Guardian Angels Medical Service Dogs and the James A. Haley Veterans’ Hospital in Tampa, Florida, is taking that next step in finding another way for veterans to find and maintain long term recovery.

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