Weekly Roundup Issue #31

This week covered a broad spectrum of information, from a proactive approach the VA is taking to ask women veterans for their opinions to a study giving hope and encouragement to veterans wanting to reach old age (well who doesn’t want to live long!).  More money is always good, as well.


OIF/OEF Retroactive Stop Loss Pay Deadline Extended

Just like it says, the deadline to apply for your stop loss pay has been extended until October 21st, 2011.


VA Creates Women Veterans Information Gathering Call Center

Taking a new, proactive approach to improving veterans’ services, the VA is calling women veterans who are enrolled in the VA system, but are not yet using any services.  The VA is hoping to gather information that they can use to improve services to women veterans.


New Study Shows Link Between Purple Heart Awards and Longevity

If you’ve received a Purple Heart award, take heart (no pun intended) because this study says you’re going to live longer than your other veteran counterparts.  This statistic is the same regardless of whether or not you’ve also suffered from PTSD.


Good or Bad, Lets Create Some Better Ideas

It seems that there are good intentions behind the money distribution for various VA facilities to help homeless veterans, but it also seems like there is a missing point or two.  Submit your ideas, as plausible as you can make them, and we’re going to email them to the HUD secretary himself.

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  1. So if a purple heart makes us vets live longer then why not give one to all of us. Just kidding I have great admiration for all purple heart recipients. They paid their dues. God bless all vets.

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