Weekly Roundup Issue #27

TRICARE, homelessness, and the GI Bill, all typical items in a veteran’s vocabulary.  This week covered all three.


What To Do With TRICARE When You ETS

Thankfully you don’t have to just walk out the door and have nothing .  There are options for brand new veterans to continue their healthcare until they are better able to set up civilian health insurance.


Feds Release Funding to Combat Veteran Homelessness

The final installment in a $75 million program to help states build facilities to help homeless veterans, this $5.8 million is expected to house another 700 veterans.


GI Bill Verses Voc Rehab: Why Not Use Both

There are some cases in which a veteran can make use of the the Post 9/11 GI Bill and Vocational Rehabilitation.  Make the best use of what you can in your education.


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