Weekly Roundup Issue #26

This week has seen some improvements in the system, and some veterans saying enough is enough.

The Veterans Appeals Improvement Act of 2011

The House of Representatives gave veterans a bit of a respite in the arduous process of appealing denied claims.  They took out the middlemen.

When Active Duty Medical Records Become “Lost”

the scenario is very likely familiar to many veterans who have been trying to have a medical benefits or disability compensation claim approved, but have run into delay after delay after delay until finally they are told that the paperwork, be it the initial claim, service records, medical history, or any other bit of paperwork is lost.

The Post 9/11 GI Bill Debacle

The debut article from our newest writer, Ron Kness, tells some of the in and out details of the Post 9/11 GI Bill, and some of the nonsense surrounding the issue.

Homeless Vets in LA Take Things Into Their Own Hands

This is my favorite article this week.  The controversy over the VA’s use of some land deeded to the government in 1888 has gone on for years.  Some homeless vets in LA, with the help of the ACLU, are now suing the VA to change the way this land is used.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup Issue #26”

  1. When dealing with the VA and any government entity.
    Persistent is the key.
    Do not give up on your quest.
    Also prayer helps a whole lot.

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