Weekly Roundup Issue #25

This week was a day shorter than usual because Monday was Memorial Day.  To honor those we’ve served with, and lost, on Tuesday we invited you to share those you served with, or whose service affected you.  Then we explained the pre-disharge program and how it can help service members with the transition to veteran.  Then came yet more news on Agent Orange and the possibilities of it having affected veterans unknowingly for years on South Korean bases.


Our Friends In War

Let’s take a different approach. The effects of war are great, and sometimes people forget that there are many more conflicts that happen, that claim lives, than just the big name, well know, wars.


Pre-Discharge Program Helps New Vets Move From Servicemember to Veteran

The purpose of the Pre-Discharge program is to speed the process for veterans who are going to be applying for VA benefits upon their discharge.  Often, working with this program greatly simplifies the processes that have to be gone through, and removes the confusion that often accompanies a benefits application.


Alleged Chemical Burying in South Korea Under Investigation

This past May, a veteran, and two of his fellow soldiers revealed that in the late 1970′s harmful chemicals, including Agent Orange, were buried in South Korea, often on U.S. Bases.  These three specifically pointed out Camp Carroll, which is still in use today.

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