Weekly Roundup Issue # 23

This week was one day longer!  Now if only that didn’t mean that we’re including Saturday.  Here are this week’s articles, from a Marine and his dog walking across the country, a business conference, families of veterans able to act in financial situations, and customizable license plates in California.


Hike for Our Heroes Hikes 7000 Miles for Military and Veteran Families

Former Marine, Troy Yocum, and his dog Emmie are walking 7000 miles to raise not only awareness, but also funds, to help out military families hit by adversity.


Families of Veterans Now Able to Act as Fiduciaries

In situations where the VA doctors determine that a veteran is unable to manage his or her own financial decisions, it is required that the veteran gain the services of a fiduciary.  This is a person legally able to make financial decisions for the veteran.  Family members are now able to fill this role.


New Rule Protects Federal Benefits Payments

Now, when a bank receives a garnishment or account freezing order, if the account receives funds from Federal benefits such as veterans benefits payments or social security payments, the bank is required to protect two months worth of these benefits payments.  The account holder is able to access two months worth of their benefits payments.


License Plate Revenue Helps California Veterans

California has opened up online ordering of personalized military license plates.  With over 200 logos to pick from, most, but unfortunately not all, units and groups are represented.  The revenue from the sale of these plates goes to the California State VA to fun veterans’ projects.


Veterans’ Business Conference 2011

For the 7th year, the Department of Veterans Affairs is composing a conference for veteran business owners.  The conference was first planned in 2005, and has reoccured each year, gaining popularity and importance each year.  In the last few years veteran owned businesses have become a bit more popular than they once were.

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