Weekly Roundup Issue # 22

This week has given us some interesting discussion points.  Especially the beginning of new gene research using the thousands of different genetic profiles that the VA has access to.  Then, the VA asking lenders of VA mortgage loans to have consideration for the veterans who have lost their homes or work due to this spring’s over abundance of tornados, and a reminder that there are plenty of scammers out there ready to take advantage of anyone they can.


VA asks Loan Holders to Extend Consideration for Tornado Victims

Many veterans who were affected by the spring tornados are finding that loss of home or work is causing financial difficulties.  The VA has asked that the Lenders take this into account and have some leniency for veterans who may have to make late payments.


New Gene Research With Veterans’ Help

The VA has access to many thousands of different genetic profiles.  With permission from each individual veteran, the gene profile, along with health records will be gathered, all identifying information removed, and then entered into a data base.  Scientists are beginning to study the relationships between genetic makeup and the myriad of health issues, or lack thereof, that correlate to specific genotypes.


Beware of Aid and Attendance Scams

There are some folks out there who don’t seem to have much of a conscience.  Posing as a “veteran’s advisor,” these people convince elder veterans to purchase annuities.  Often, the purchase of these investments may turn out disasterous, and other times they will disqualify a veteran for certain VA benefits.

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