Weekly Roundup Issue # 21

This week in the blog has been quite interesting.  From actual, measured improvements in VA care, some places online to find the paper work that seems to never end, the final decision on eligibility for the new Caregiver Program, and a Stanford study on PTSD.


Study Shows Decline in VA Hospital Infections

A several year study tracked the rate of infections caught during inpatient treatment at VA hospitals.  Through methods of awareness education and better techniques, the rates of infections, which can often be fatal, are down quite a bit.

9 Places to Find “The Paperwork”

Veterans know that nothing gets done with the VA without paperwork.  A lot of paperwork.  Sometimes getting that paperwork done can be frustrating because it is not always easy to find the forms or records that are needed.  These nine links should help with that.

Final Rules for Caregiver Program Set: Applications Open

May 3rd, 2011, the VA announced the finality of the rules for the new Caregiver Program and said that they will begin taking applications from veterans and their families to receive benefits under this program.  The application becomes available for download on May 9, 2011.

Stanford PTSD Neural Study Needs Participants

There are so many veterans with PTSD, any help that can be offered is almost always welcome.  The Etkin Lab at Stanford School of Medicine is taking steps forward to help those veterans out.  The Lab has designed a study to track the neural and physical changes in the brain of a person who suffers from PTSD while they participate in psychotherapy.

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