Weekly Roundup Issue # 19

It’s another weekend, and this week in the blog has been quite exciting.  Veterans in flood prone areas of Minnesota are offered help, bad guys are caught, technology progresses even further, and some veterans get another chance at medical retirement.

Veterans Get 2nd Chance for Medical Retirement

For veterans who were medically discharged between September 11, 2001 and December 31, 2009 but were deemed ineligible for medical retirement.  These veterans can submit their case to be reviewed and possibly amended to award them medical retirement and up to one year of back pay.  Veterans who were medically discharged during this time but did not apply for medical retirement at that time are also able to apply.

iPhone App for Veterans with PTSD

The DoD and VA have teamed up to create and app for veterans with iPhones.  The program is free and reads the veteran’s location to provide local resources and sources of support.  The app for Android is predicted for release in June.

Man Impersonating Decorated Veteran Caught

A man posing as a very decorated ex-Marine colonel has been charged with wearing the uniform and medals without authorization.  In the following investigation it was discovered that he had also received $30,000 worth of disability benefits, which he was not entitled to.

Flooding Help for Minnesota Veterans

About half the counties in Minnesota are so prone to spring flooding that the Minnesota state VA has said they will offer $750 in assistance to veterans who need the money to repair damage from the floods.  State and federal agencies are assessing the damage to help determine the areas in need.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup Issue # 19”

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  2. Liberty Manor was organized in 2006 as a 501©3 non-profit organization with the objective of promoting the developmental and social needs of veterans who have served our country and fought for our independence, but fallen victim to homelessness. It has been determined that individuals who make up the homeless veteran population have exhausted all reasonable alternatives that will address their immediate financial or residential needs. This initiative serves the most deserving yet overlooked individuals of our community – veterans. It has been estimated that 23% of the homeless population in America are Veterans and contrary to the perceptions that our returning veterans are well-supported, many go without the services they need due to a lack of governmental resources as the Veterans Administration does not provide housing for veterans. The mission of Liberty Manor is to provide transitional, supported housing to honorably discharged veterans and establishing long-term objectives designed to attribute to self-sufficiency. Please contact Jeff Luddeke (813) 352-7856.

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