Weekly Roundup Issue # 17

This week has been an extremely slow news week.  It seems that with so many folks concerned about a possible Government Shutdown, veterans’ news has been put on hold.  Hopefully it picks back up soon.  Nevertheless, we told you about the amazing project from The Graffiti of War Foundation, and about a new allowance for disabled veterans participating with the U.S. Paralympics.


The Graffiti of War

This foundation is building a project to open understanding between warfighters and the civilian population.  Unfortunately civilians see the news-published photos of blood and guts but don’t ever see the emotional effects that war has on the soldiers fighting it.


New Allowance for Veterans Involved with the U.S. Paralympics

The VA is working on conjunction with the U.S. Paralympic Committee to give veterans who are invited to compete and train at the U.S. Paralympic Committee facilities a little extra help with the finances needed of sports participation in lieu of working.

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