Weekly Roundup Issue # 15

This week in the blog we covered some newly proposed legislation that would change outdated VA policies, briefly explained entrepreneurial loans for veterans, and introduced you to a new blog-in-development to be written for veterans.


Bill in Congress to Allow all Service Dogs on VA Property

The standing VA policy says that only dogs assisting visually impaired persons are allowed onto VA property.  In reality, many veterans have been bringing other assistive dogs with them to appointments.  This new legislation will require that all service dogs, including psychiatric service animals, be allowed to accompany or guide their veteran.


Smart Military Money, A New Blog for You

The team that manages and presents VABenefitBlog for you is developing another blog, Smart Military Money, to assist military members and veterans by providing direction, information, and ideas to help manage finances with perspective to the unique challenges faced by these families.


Patriot Express Initiative: SBA Loans for Veterans

Many veterans wish to use the drive and ambition they acquired during their service to start and run their own business.  Like any other entrepreneurial venture, this requires capital.  The Small Business Administration created the Patriot Express loans specifically to provide business capital for veterans.


2 thoughts on “Weekly Roundup Issue # 15”

  1. Please don’t forget the wives and survivors of our veterans! I am a widow of an Vietnam veteran who was declared 100% disabled and dedicated 42 years of my life as a wife, caregiver, advocate and still managed to put in 30 years as a licensed nurse. It wasn’t until the end of the 90’s that the VA recognized and compensated my Marine. Back then, claims took years, not months to be considered for compensation. We started at 10 % IN 1972 with his discharge and never collected a penny until 2001. We both survived the mountains of paperwork, lost records, a documents fire at Kansas, and most of all denial of benefits. All is in the past now, my Marine died in 2009 with service connected Agent Orange, diabetes, neuropathy congestive heart failure and PTSD.I stopped working 6 years ago to be his fulltime caregiver. Iam a survivor of the system and rightfully receive benefits. Unfortunately, the “KICKER” wasn’t applied because he was declared 100% 6 years ago and not 8 which would qualify me for the additional amount. I do believe 42 years of battle entitles me! Please reach out to the survivors and let them receive what they rightfully deserve.

  2. Chris, your story is a testament to the strength which military spouses have, that largely remains unrecognized. Our hope can be that enough spouses and survivors have your determination to tell the VA and America what you have fought for and deserve.

    While we are not part of the VA (just want to clarify that) we can hope that the right person would read your plee, and be effected enough to start some change.

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