Weekly Roundup Issue #14

This week in the blog we covered some expanding education benefits, burial trends, the social media expansions of veterans’ organizations, and our own benefit, t-shirts!


VetSuccess on Campus Program Expanded to Help More Student Veterans

A program tentatively began in a single campus to help veterans adjust to student life has proven successful and is being expanded, to reach a total of seventeen campuses by 2012.


Veterans Organizations Use Social Media to Encourage Younger Vets

As elderly veterans pass away, membership in some veterans’ organizations is declining.  In order to attract the newest waves of veterans, these organizations are turning to internet social media such as facebook and twitter.


More Families Choosing Cremation

The importance of a respectful and honorable burial is a big deal to military families.  The trend toward cremation shows that these honors are available to veterans’ burials, weather the family chooses cremation or casket burial.  Because of the advantages of cremation, more families are choosing cremation.


Last but Not Least, Our Benefit to You

T-shirts are in and there are various ways to get one.  We had a random give away yesterday. Keep tuned to our facebook feed for more opportunities to get a VA Benefit Blog t shirt.


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