Weekly Roundup Issue # 13

This week in the blog we covered some misconceptions about PTSD, the improvements one VA clinic has made to help its rural community of veterans, new technologies that are helping veterans return to normal lives easier, and the favorite article of the week about the powers that be in Washington receiving more and more pressure from varying public sources to take care of our veterans.


10 Common Misconceptions about PTSD

While it seems everyone has heard about PTSD from one source or another, not everyone understands it.  Here are some common misunderstandings that may help both sides relate better.


Colorado VA Clinic Adds Telecommunication to Improve Rural Access

This clinic recognized that many of its rural veterans could not simply waltz into the clinic every time one of them needed too.  To help fix this issue, they created teleconferencing between their officers and the veterans.


Returning Veterans Benefit From Bionic Limb Technology

The Terminator is a popular enough movie, and it seems science is finally catching up to the ideas of how to make better prosthetic limbs as well.  This new tech is giving veterans who have lost arms in combat a second chance to have normal arm use.


Public Pressure On Washington Over Veterans’ Benefits Grows

Veterans groups, politicians, and even just the wayside public have really stepped up their responses to policies on veterans benefits.  The past several years have seen many organizations which were abusing veterans brought to public light, and these injustices are sparking more support for our veterans.


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