Weekly Roundup Issue # 12

This week we covered some loan fee refunds, the new VAi2 competition and honored the late Mr. Frank Buckles, that last U.S. veteran of WWI.


Last WWI Veteran Passes Away

Mr. Buckles lived an especially full and adventure filled life.  His combination of history and experience is an treasure not many will be able to replicate.


VA Competition for New Ideas

The VA has opened its doors to anyone who wishes to submit plans for a new project or development that would improve the lives of veterans.  Funding has already been awarded to several winners.  Anyone, from individuals to large corporations, is able to submit an idea.


Veterans and Active Duty Service Members to Receive Wells Fargo Refunds

Thousands of veterans and service members were charge a legal fee in the processing of their VA Loans through Wells Fargo, as well as two other banks, which Wells Fargo has since bought.  The financial giant is now issuing refunds to all the veterans it wrongfully charged.

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