Weekly Roundup Issue #11

This week included an informative how-to on Vocational Rehabilitation Benefits, some new benefits in the works for caregivers of veterans, as well as some long awaited proof that the VA is actually doing something about veteran homelessness.  We also touched on Complex-PTSD, another form of the stress disorder.


Caregivers of Veterans to Receive New and Enhanced Benefits

Around the middle of last year, a new bill was signed into law that started the works for the VA to expand the help they can offer to caregivers.  Caregivers are defined as those who provide major assistance and support to extremely wounded or ill veterans in need of constant care.

Complex-PTSD: the Difference from PTSD

The American public, and our many veterans have most likely heard of PTSD, and many of our veterans who have served in a combat zone suffer from PTSD.  Unfortunately there are also veterans who never deployed to a combat zone yet still suffer from stress very similar to PTSD.  This could be Complex-PTSD, a form of the stress disorder that develops not from a short term high stress incident, but from the endurance of very high stress for a time of several months to as long as many years.

Tangible First Step in LA to end Veteran Homelessness

Working with the city of L.A., the VA has taken a step forward in the fight to fix veteran homelessness that is plaguing our nation.  Already they are seeing improvements in the city’s homelessness statistics as well as interacting with veterans themselves in new homes and programs set up to help.

Vocational Rehabilitation; What it is, and How to Apply.

Disabled veterans who have an employment handicap are able to receive help from the VA.  Vocational Rehabilitation often includes employment counseling and help coordinating vocational training.


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