Weekly Roundup Issue #10

This week on the blog we’ve covered research projects aimed at helping veterans with PTSD, a little dabble in politics, a new honorarium to WWI veterans, and the ever present VA with its monetary benefits.

2-Year Project Completes WWI Exhibit

A high school in Northern California gathered information and artifacts from World War One and its veterans.  After two years of work, the museum quality exhibit is finally complete.  This project has become an attention worthy memorial to the Americans who served and died in WWI.

ReCHAI Veterans and Shelter Dogs Initiative

A paid research study in Columbia and Springfield Missouri pairs veterans who have returned in the last 5 years and shelter dogs.  The goals?  To study the improvements in veteran PTSD coping as well as the increased adoptability of the dogs the veterans are paired with.

VA Doesn’t Plan to Collect $1 Billion in Mistaken Overpayments

The VA noticed that some of its methods for handling veterans’ cases caused a lot of essential case activities to be overlooked.  The consequences of this overload of cases and the not so streamlined methods for handling them caused the VA to overpay veterans around $1 billion.  They do not plan to recoup these overpayments, but instead are implementing process changes to prevent the problem from continuing.

Senator Murray Elected Chairwoman of Senate Veterans Affairs Committee

Senator Patty Murray was elected as the first woman Chair for the Senate Veterans Affairs Committee.  Despite wary opinions from veterans, the general opinion is one of precautionary hope.

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