Weekly Round Up Issue # 7

Round Up Issue #7.  This week in the Blog.

This week we covered a few areas from different ends of the rainbow.

Fraudulent Benefits Claims Land Recruiter in Jail

By far the most popular article of the week.  Apparently we all love it when the bad guy gets caught; which is exactly what happened.  The “bad guy” faked his service record and his awards in order to receive VA benefits.  He also re-enlisted with these fake records.  Thankfully he was caught and convicted of fraud.

VA Publishes Changed Agent Orange Policy

The VA changed their longstanding policy for Vietnam Era Veterans who served along the Korean DMZ.  If the veteran’s service was within the dates of April 1, 1968 and August 31, 1971, he or she served with a unit that is listed on the VA’s list of affected units, (this list was compiled with cooperation from the Department of Defense to ensure its accuracy.) then the VA simply presumes that the veteran’s health issues are most likely caused by exposure to Agent Orange.  Gone are the days of proving that your medical condition with known associations to Agent Orange is service related.

Veteran’s Widow Required to Pay Back Benefits

This widow’s husband served his country honorably, and during that time he paid into an additional life insurance fund.  When he died, she received these funds.  Now the government is asking for this money, totaling $41,000, back. Why?  She is remarrying, seven years after the death of her husband.

VetLikeMe: a Business Newsletter Written for Veterans by a Veteran

We learned of this newsletter via responses to our article on new policy requiring businesses to prove their veteran-owned status to get on the list for priority in government contracts.  VetLikeMe is written by a veteran who is considered 100% disabled.  He focuses the bi-monthly newsletter on issues that concern other disabled veterans who own their own businesses as well.

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