VetSuccess on Campus Program Expanded to Help More Student Veterans

The VA is opening another avenue of assistance for student veterans.  Began in 2009 as a test on a single campus, the VetSuccess on Campus has developed into a program which places a full time Vocational Rehabilitation Counselor and a part time Vet Center Outreach Coordinator at an office on campus specifically for the student veterans attending that college.  These VA officers are there to help the transition from military to civilian and student life.  They provide VA benefits advice, support, and assistance to the veterans, helping to ensure that their health, education, and benefits needs are being met.

Currently the VetSuccess on Campus has only been expanded to eight university campuses nationwide, these include

University of South Florida

Cleveland State University

San Diego State University

Community College of Rhode Island

Arizona State University

Texas A&M, Central Texas

Rhode Island College

Salt Lake Community College

Students will be glad to see that the VA is not setting VetSuccess on Campus up only at large universities but also at smaller community colleges.  They are trying to meet the needs of all ranges of student veterans.  Budget submission requests for 2012 include funding to expand VetSuccess on Campus centers to nine more campuses.

Within this program resources to solve challenges in the successful completion of educational and employment programs include vocational testing, academic, employment, and career choice counceling.  Adjustment counseling is also available.

More information about what the program provides can be found at the VetSuccess main website.


Photo thanks to lesliebyk under creative common license on Flickr.


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