Veterans’ News Snippets

Each day, we search through press releases and newpapers to find the benefits information that is most relevant to our readers.  Sometimes we come across little snippets that are interesting, but just not enough for a full article.  Here are some of those bits and pieces.

Bank of American plans to help military members as they separate from active service. BofA claims that they are going to offer “principle forgiveness” which would be simply forgiving a certain part of the amount owned on a military member’s mortgage. This amount is determined in conjunction with the home’s current market value.  Only BofA knows exactly what that means.  Additionally, while they are in the service, military members are given a 4% interest rate on mortgages, which is 2% less than is required by the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act.  This 4% rate is given for the duration of the servicemember’s active duty service, and for the first year after leaving service.  Read more here.

The Air Force has summer jobs available, and disabled veterans are in a special position to apply. To apply, you must meet any of these requirements: eligible for the Student Temporary Employment Program, have Veteran Recruitment Appointment eligibility, be a documented 30 percent disabled veteran, or have reinstatement status.   Read more here.

The Home Depot Foundation has pledged 30 million dollars to help in fixing veterans’ homelessness.  The funds will be distributed over three years to various charities and organizations that assist veterans, and especially those who seek to help homeless veterans.  Read more here.

A New York Times writer interviews three veterans and writes about the experiences each is going through in the aftermath of war.  Some of the story is encouraging and some is unfortunately, simply reality.  Read more here.

The Neurobiology of PTSD explains some of the organic changes which occur in the brain’s makeup when a veteran suffers from PTSD. Research in this area may yet lead to new discoveries in the science behind PTSD and create new ways to help suffering veterans.  Read more here.


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