Veterans Airlift Command Provides Free Flights to Wounded Veterans

Many veterans have trouble getting to their medical appointments.  Probably the most heard complaint is that the VA medical facility that has the right equipment is several hours drive away.  This can be a very tedious drive!  Especially for veterans still recovering from their wounds.  Long drives, and even flights are sometimes required to find the right equipment or treatment.  Veterans Airlift Command is a small, non-profit organization that wanted to do something good.  They recognized the need wounded veterans have to travel and decided to offer private flights to help with this need.

The Veterans Airlift Command offers free flights in small aircraft to veterans and their families for medical and sometimes compassionate needs.  About 1800 pilots across the country donate their time, fuel, and private airplanes.  Arrangements are first made with VAC, and then further details directly with the pilot.  These pilots sincerely care about the mission they have appointed for themselves, and the veterans they are helping.


Photo thanks to phunko82 under creative common license on Flickr.

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