Veteran Television Programming Gains Momentum


An effort to create a cable television channel dedicated exclusively to veterans programming is gaining momentum in the Illinois Legislature.

Both the House and Senate have passed a resolution urging the Cable Television and Communications Association of Illinois to look into the possibility of dedicating an unused cable channel to veterans programming.

Illinois state Sen. Mike Jacobs of Moline said he is writing a bill that would specify what could be done to facilitate veterans programming, including funding. Among those pushing for the creation is Mark Sides, spokesman for the American Legion Department of Illinois.

Sides spoke before the Illinois Legislature recently, explaining that the country loses 18 veterans every day to suicide, more than are lost in combat. Sides focused on veterans who come home from deployments to a variety of problems, including a lack of a job opportunities and post-traumatic stress disorder.

Sides said particularly those with PTSD are often introverted and stay at home. He noted that without work, these veterans usually watch lots of television.

The veterans channel could provide the forum needed to let veterans know where to find help. The possibility of having state-funded colleges use the channel to promote the use of the GI Bill adds further opportunity to veterans seeking employment help.

The channel aims to air veterans-related programming 24 hours a day, seven days a week, raising awareness about the problems veterans and their families face and informing veterans about resources available to help them.

Money will ultimately be the biggest factor when it comes to the channel’s creation. Government funding and donations from private sponsors would be required to launch and maintain the project.


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4 thoughts on “Veteran Television Programming Gains Momentum”

  1. Daniel W. Fluellen, HN3/USN/Ret

    I think this is a long overdue program that would receive the needed funds to get it up and running. Our veterans get mpst useful and helpful information now through word of mouth communication. Seldom is there a central location where information of importance is readily available for veterans’ perusal.
    Thanking you all in advance for the insight to kick this off.

  2. Les Rodgers. Jr

    As a 100% PTSD combat vet from 7/1/1968 to 9/2/1969 with A Co. 2/Bn 506th Airborne Infantry 101rst Airborne Division I would like to see a open talk event for Grunts like my self who was in over 500 firefights, and also a Survivor of Hamburger Hill, have a place to vent together with each other, and help explain what it’ like to make it back when your buddies came home in body bags, and then relate those feelings to what is going on in our lives now, as only another grunt can do.

  3. Another person who does not let people use the First Admendment thanks ,by the way I was defending myself when called a Jerk If you look I did not any bad words until then

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