VA Creates Women Veterans Information Gathering Call Center

Women are a growing proportion of the military and veteran population.  The VA has only recently realized that it really needed to overhaul its health care system to better take care of all veterans, including women, instead of leaving certain health care services unavailable.  Now, the VA is taking their grown into more complete health care a step further.

The VA has set up a women veterans call center.  At first glance, that sounds like a place for women veterans to call in.  Instead it is the exact opposite.  This call center has a single purpose.  It is calling individual women veterans who have enrolled but are not currently using any VA services.  They are asking questions about the veteran and her family or caregiver’s use of the VA health care system, why they may not be using the VA, if they are aware of the  health care services available specific to women’s needs, and what services they would like to see the VA implement.


You can read the original VA Press Release here, which includes some background information on the advances the VA has made in women’s health care services in the recent few years.


Photo thanks to ~ Maryam ~ under creative commons license on Flickr.

5 thoughts on “VA Creates Women Veterans Information Gathering Call Center”

  1. Cynthia Koehler

    You mention a women’s call center, but you never mention the number. Where’s the number? What is the number?

    1. Cynthia,

      Sorry for the confusion. The “call center” is not typical in that it takes incoming calls. Instead, it is calling women veterans, asking for their input.

  2. UMM you think….how can you care for someone if you have no idea what they need in care come one even Im not that stupid……not all veterans have the same concerns…women are different they have special needs that men dont ….when was the last time a man needed a pap smear..or counsling on the fact that a husband beat his wife come on

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