VA Changes Billing for Prescriptions

In a news release April7th, the VA says it has changed the way it will bill veterans’ third party health insurance companies for prescriptions.  This new change only applies to prescriptions written for outpatient treatment, and only for conditions that are unrelated to the veteran’s service connected condition.

The most important part of this news for veterans is that it does not affect the current state of prescription co pay.  So if your third party insurance tries to change your costs, they’re not supposed to.

The change is fairly simple.  Previously, the VA charged insurance companies a flat fee of $51, which is the average cost of all medications dispensed.  Now, the VA will charge the individual cost of the medication plus a small service fee.  The purpose of this change is to improve upon the VA’s mission to provide smart and excellent health care.  This method is also more similar to how private health care providers work with insurance companies.

Any veterans who have questions should contact the VA Health Resource Center by calling 1-877-222-8387

Photo thanks to astrycula under creative common license on Flickr.


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