VA Benefit Roundup Issue #5

From the VA Benefit Blog this week (October 29, 2010):

1. The VA Launches Benefits Awareness Campaign

2. VBA Office in Boston Exposes Social Security Numbers in Mailing Error

3. Robert Stretch Discusses the Basics of the VA Funding Fee

4. Veterans Take Advantage of the Specially Adapted Housing Grant Program

From our YOU BENEFIT user Blog:

1. CD Erroneously Counted as Income by Trey Ackerman

2. The Homeowners Assistance Program by Jon Terry

From the rest of the web:

1. Congressman Gordon Applauds the VA for Agent Orange Changes:

2. Show Democrats Credit for Helping Veterans?

3. VA Streamlines Veterans Claims Process:

4. Former Solider Mistakenly Arrested and his Benefits Canceled:

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