VA Benefit Roundup Issue #3

Your top VA benefit stories of this week, October 8st , 2010:

1. Funeral protests reach Supreme Court

2. Veteran’s Administration informs Colo. Marine he is dead

3. Feds to appeal ruling against Stolen Valor Act

4. Bill would loosen rules for GI Bill transfers

5. Summit Highlights Veterans’ College Successes, Challenges

6. Recent Inspection Of Disability Claims Filed By Veterans At VA Regional Office In Newark, NJ Reveals Significant Errors

7. Justices struggle with free speech, protests

8. Legislation to enhance and modernize VA Benefits

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2 thoughts on “VA Benefit Roundup Issue #3”

  1. The article entitled “3. Free Webinar Shares the Benefits of Joining VA Association” has nothing to do with Veterans or the VA.

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