Updated VRAP Information – May 4, 2012

I picked up some more information this morning on VRAP. Here it is – “To apply or learn more information about VRAP or Vocational Rehabilitation and Employment benefits, including on how to apply please call 1-800-827-1000 or visit www.benefits.va.gov/VOW and fill out an online application (VONAPP), or Complete VA Form 28-1900, Disabled Veterans Application for Vocational Rehabilitation, and submit it to the nearest VA Regional Office.”

They will start accepting applications starting around May 15th.To apply, first create a VONAPP account. Creating an account is simple and fast. Your account request is approved in seconds and you are automatically logged-in.

If you already have an existing VONAPP account, then log-in. Once in VONAPP, fill out and submit VA Form 22-1990 – the same form used to apply for GI Bill benefits.

To keep up to date on the VRAP program, sign up for their personalized email service. You should start seeing emails around May 15th.

15 thoughts on “Updated VRAP Information – May 4, 2012”

  1. Robert Lindgren

    What a piece of crap this program is. They throw scraps like they are trying to help long term unemployed veterans. the fact of the matter is this bill is being run by a bunch of pencil pushers that have no intention of anyone even using the benefits. And they have veterans fighting each other as if this bill is a real benefit. You do not believe me? Consider these contradictions in the bill. I have less less then one year in schooling left to obtain a BS to either teach or Nursing. I could use those benefits to finish school yet it will not pay out and I do not qualify. Yet if I go take acting or singing classes the VRAP pays out. I have been given advanced standing at a Paramedic school but they told me to enter I must get my EMT and that way I can skip their 1 year EMT program which is worthless to get a job. But if I get my EMT certification I am allowed into their one year certified Paramedic program which would be easy to find employment with this certification. But DOL says if I use the program to do a 3 week online certification they will not pay any more and will not allow me to use the other 11 months I have left to get the Paramedic certification. What a bunch of jokers these DOL pencil pushers are. And what a piece of crap legislation Obama put his name on. You know I have called in about 35 times, each time on hold and each time a counselor gives me different answers. I always thought they were incompetent, didn’t get teh correct information. I now understand why they did not get the info out. The program is so bad there is actually no intention of helping veterans. It is a political program that picks and chooses who they are going to help just like the Equal Opportunity Program that is only equal opportunity for those that are in the right groups. If someone wants to be an actor, a singer or dancer the program pays out but if you have only a few courses to become a certified RN or Teacher of middle school the program doesn’t pay out because that is a four year degree, that is a Bachelor degree. So what if your a certified teacher or certified RN, these do not count. But a certified two year RN but not a 4 year RN will qualify. What planet does these goofballs come from? Do the have any reality when they write this legislation? I assure you their intention is not to help veterans but to pat themselves on their own backs on this one.
    Robert Lindgren—a 52 year old cold war veteran in Minnesota.

    1. Hi Robert. I’m sorry that you are so disgruntled with the program. While the program does have limitiations, I do not agree with you that the program is not intended to help any veterans. While it will not help all veterans needing help, if it even helps one veteran it will be successful.

      The intent of the program is to train veterans in a high demand field that they can learn in a year and at the end of their program, help them get jobs.

      Only time will tell as far as to the success of this program, but I’m confidient it will help many veterans.

  2. I did all of this, but never received ONE notice/update about VRAP. WHY?
    I also never received document about my application. WHY?
    I did receive one brief email notice that I had submitted VA form 22-1990R‏.

    I need to know the status of my application immediately so I can provide anything necessary to certify as eligible. PLEASE ASSIST THIS HANDICAPPED VET IMMEDIATELY… Thank you.

    1. Hi George. I can’t tell you why you did not receive anything from the VA as we are not affiliated with the VA at all. The only thing I can tell you is to keep hounding them with phone calls until you get what you need.

      1. Hi Ron et al,

        I applied the first day they began taking applications and received a reply June 12, with the letter being dated June 2. I was denied due to the fact that I have “entitlement” under Chapter 31, which I completed my training back in July ’11. I have been looking diligently for work ever since, with over 170 applications you would think that statistics would have played a role, alas, I am still looking.

        I was hoping that I could get a foot in the door at a tire store or lube joint if I got a 1 year automotive technician cert., but they killed that with one shot. The kicker is that Voc. Rehab, aka Ch. 31, will not allow me to take that course either. I have been looking for a job for 12 months and still have 6 months of “entitlements” from them. No, I am not receiving any stipend, just an email every other month about a job fair happening over 100 miles from me.

        I am going to make them earn their pay by appealing, but I think it is prudent to get my ducks in a row. I am going to request to use my “entitlements” in a letter and get them to officially deny my request, who cares why, and send that along with my appeal. The gamble is that the appeal board will apply logic. The right hand said that I have “entitlement”, yet the left hand says no when I ask to use them. Granted, these are separate departments, but both under the auspices of the VA.

  3. I went to apply for VA benefit and it took me more than a year before I got a reply from them. If you’re in a hurry for your info, keep on contacting the office that has your paper works.

  4. I meet all qualifications listed to enroll in this program and felt this was the perfect 0pp0rtunity for me being i dont qualify for vocational rehab but was denied at the Dept. of Labor with no explaination. i then visited two different Dept. of Labor sites to get n explaination and neither had a clue. It would be helpful for us to have a hotline or someone that we can call for knowledgable assistance and consider that everyone is not computer literate. Disappointed in Atlanta !

  5. This is propaganda by the administration to gain popularity on the deteriorating employment situation. It only allows for 45,000 entry applications into this empty promise of a jobs program.

    1. Ya it’s crap alright. Thats why as of today they do not have the 45,000 people they need signed up to qualify. Yep thats right. 45,000 Vets have not applied yet. It has not been used before and it brand new but yet it is crap. Ken why don’t you do something constructive? You know nothing about the program and yet you cut it down. It’s all Obummers fault right.

  6. I was accepted into VR&E in 2003, after a 20+ year fight to get my disability recognized.

    At that time, I was 43, had my position downsized 2 years prior (2001, pre 9/11) after suffering a relapse RELATED TO my disability.
    (I had a heart attack in 1980 because a ‘murmur’ that was detected during my induction physical in 1979 wasn’t upgraded as “service-connected” until 2003)

    VR&E had me “jump through hoops “for TWO YEARS (2003-05) by having me re-write my resume so many times, that I could offer SAMPLES for MS Word Templates, and when I asked about attending College to complete my degree, I was told ” Make due with your resume”, due to my accrued 20+ years experience in IT.

    The VR&E didn’t heed statistical data in “Computer and Mathematical Occupations” via the Bureau of Labor Statistics when I explained AND proved that I’ll need a Master’s to ‘make a dent’ in the job search, after the ’08 Crisis.
    NOTE: I haven’t collected a DIME of unemployment insurance since 2003, so I’m NOT one of those folks…

    The FINAL straw?

    I couldn’t qualify for VRAP because, quote: “I still have 6 months and 4 days of VR&E entitlement, remaining”.

    Recently, due to the embarrassment by the VR&E of my having a BS Degree thru VR&E and I’m STILL UNEMPLOYED, I was “allowed” to enroll for a “IT Certificate”, and I have EXACTLY 6 months to complete it.

    If the Coursework takes 1..second….past 6 months? TOO BAD!
    I’ll have to pay for out of MY ONLY INCOME (40% @560.00 a month)

    Because it appears VR&E Offices are exercising policies with the management style of “each one, independently OWNED and OPERATED”, as opposed to adhering to edict law, I believe a “word” to BGen Hickey’s office (Under Secretary for Benefits, Department of Veterans Affairs) is more than appropriate at this point, as VR&E falls under HER aegis.

  7. Joe Van Vactor

    I have looked for a program online and can only find one school that has a program for umpiring, which is one of the high demand jobs, but it’s a 4 year college that has it. There is no technical school or juco that has this this program. I have called CS at the VA and although the guy was helpful there was nothing he could do because of how the law was written. Do I punt or what? I have written several US Congressmen and Senators but to no avail. I have been approved for VRAP but not for the job I want. HELP!

  8. I received my VRAP COE approval in about 4 or 5 weeks (Ohio), I am pursuing approved professional certifications via approved technical training center and each class is only 5 days, which will not take 12 months to complete but the total cost is just under 12 months. Anyone have experience with this scenario, if so how were your payments structure.

    Link to VA website to search for approved schools, professional training centers and certificatoin programs: http://gibill.va.gov/resources/education_resources/choosing_a_school.html . For those who may not be aware this link.

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