TSGLI Benefits Extended Retroactively To Oct 7th, 2001

The Servicemeber’s Group Life Insurance Traumatic Injury Protection Program (TSGLI) First became effective in December 2005.  At this time, TSGLI provided compensation to servicemembers who suffered traumatic injuries any time after December 1, 2005.  These could be combat, non combat, even non military related.  Additionally, servicemembers who suffered combat related traumatic injuries from October 7, 2001 to November 30, 2005 were also given compensation.

Now, as a result of the Veterans Benefits Improvement Act of 2010, the program is retroactively covering all qualifying injuries that occurred between October 7, 2001 and November 30, 2005.  The emphasis here is on all.  Previously, only injuries that occurred within theater operations in OEF/OIF were compensated for.  Now the coverage will include all injuries, regardless of where they occurred.

Go here to see who to contact.  Each branch of service handles their own members’ claims.  More information and frequently asked questions can be found on the TSGLI page of the VA.


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  1. I have been fighting for my husband’s TSGLI for months, with no success. Thankfully, I work for a personal injury attorney and he got involved. Now I am starting to see some results. He is even looking at filing a class action lawsuit because of the denials for loss of ADL days.

    His name is William Muhr and his phone number is 800-934-4529. His office is at Fort Carson, CO, but since these are federal cases, he can help anyone nationwide and he has offices all over the country anyway. I reccomend calling him for help.

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