To Put Your Mind at Ease

Hey Folks.  Lately, we’ve had a handful of people say that they’ve gotten virus warnings from the links to our articles. Of course this isn’t ok with us at all. So in our investigation I went home and pulled up the admin site for the blog on my personal computer. This picture is the warning I got. (oh yeah, I’m using Google Chrome here)

warning picture


This site that the warning names “newportalse” is definitely a bad site. Our IT people confirmed this for me. I wish to assure everyone though, that we have absolutely nothing linked to or from this site.


So the explanation that the IT guys gave me is this: 1. Google Chrome is super sensitive and warns people at the first possible indication. 2. It is most likely that the connection to “newportalse” is from advertisement cookies, over which we have no control.  And 3. If it is these cookies, nothing is actually getting transferred.  Just don’t go to the advertisement/cookie inducing website and download anything.


The options to fix the pop up message are:  1. use a different browser. 2. never push proceed anyway, just in case. Instead, close that tab/window, and reopen a new one. (This worked perfectly every time I tried it.)  And of course, if you are at all apprehensive, scan your computer with your favorite virus protection software.  (I use avast.)


To be on the safest side possible, we are no longer going to use any URL shorteners when linking to articles.  It is unlikely that the fault lies with the URL shortener site, but why risk it?  Likewise, as always, our articles will continue to contain links only to sites with solid, trustworthy information.


We hope that the entire community continues to enjoy the blog, and the community which has grown up around it.  In just the past 8 months, over 20,000 new veterans have joined us!


Top photo thanks to Martin Deutsch under creative commons license on Flickr.

3 thoughts on “To Put Your Mind at Ease”

  1. This article is wrong! If this website is being ran on wordpress then someone has injected malware code into your a JS file in your wordpress includes folder. They did this through the timthumb vulnerability hack that was recently discovered. It can be very serious.

    I know this because the exact same thing happened to our sites. I have since fixed them, if you need help just email me

    hope this helps, and your IT people should have caught that, I found it in 5 seconds with a simple google search when it happened to me.

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