Time Out to Thank Our Nation’s Military Members

With Thanksgiving upon us, many are hurrying to the store for last minute items or cleaning the house in preparation for visiting relatives, while others are taking the time to reflect upon all those they are thankful for.

When taking the time to appreciate those we are thankful for – family, friends, and countless others – consider adding those who have fought for our freedom, as well as those who continue to do so today, to your list.

One of the best ways to honor the sacrifices of U.S. veterans and active duty members is by making sure they are aware of the numerous benefits available to them. Health benefits, educational assistance, and job training are among the multiple benefits offered to military members, and each is designed to provide a small piece of gratitude.

One benefit available to veterans and active duty members, which is particularly beneficial in this time of economic hardship, is the VA home loan program. Since 1944, the VA home loan program has helped millions of military members achieve homeownership, and remains one of the most progressive lending programs on the market.

Eligible veterans and active duty service members benefit from competitive rates and flexible loan terms through a VA home loan, and are able to purchase a home with no money down and without the need of private mortgage insurance. Not only do 90 percent of VA loans come without the need of a down payment, they have also outperformed all other major loan programs in terms of foreclosures.

Unfortunately, many military members remain unaware of this home purchasing and refinance benefit. Although over 18 million military members have benefited from the program since its inception, still nearly 20 percent of all military members are unaware of the program.

The VA home loan program isn’t always the best option available to a service member, but it is a highly beneficial option for many others. Nearly 80% of all military members who have qualified for a VA home loan would not have been able to do so with a conventional home loan.

If you will be having military members around your table this Thanksgiving, or just have a few who you would like to give thanks to this holiday season, consider speaking with them about the array of benefits available to them. They have served our country well, and deserve to make the most of every benefit they have so rightfully earned.

Happy Thanksgiving to all of our loyal readers! Thank you for your service through the years.

Photo thanks to lanier67 under creative common license on Flickr.

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