The VA and Hispanic Heritage Month

Hispanic Heritage Month is from Sept. 15-Oct. 14, and the department of Veterans Affairs is joining in the celebration. With 1.1 million Hispanic veterans, the U.S. has been aided by Hispanics fighting in every one of its wars.

Hispanics are an increasing part of the veteran community as well as the American community as a whole, and the VA is recognizing everything they have given to our country culturally and in the fighting forces as well. Events put on by the VA nationwide during this month will serve to honor all they have given.

The month also overlaps with dates of independence days of seven different Latin American countries. Fittingly, the VA named the theme of the month as “Heritage, Diversity, and Honor: The Renewed Hope of America.”

The VA ranked as one of the most diverse federal agencies of 2009, offering great benefits (including health care) to its service men and women as well. Their celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month is one of many ways VA is working to give back to the diverse community that gives so much to America.

Photo thanks to Soldiers Media Center under creative common license on Flickr.

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