The Troops to Teachers Program

The Troops to Teachers (TTT) program was established in 1994 as a combined effort between the Departments of Defense and Education. Its main purpose is to assist serving, retired or separated military members transition to a career as a teacher in underprivileged districts. While Department of Education determines program parameters, they leave the administration of it to DANTES.

Service Requirement

To qualify for the program, you have to be:

– a former active duty or Selected Reserve retired or separated member with at least six years of service after September 30, 1989, or
– separated after January 7, 2002 with a service-connected disability and registered for the program within four years of separation, or
– a currently serving, active or Selected Reserve, who has at least six years of service for retirement purposes.

If you are retired or separated, you must have an Honorable discharge from your last period of service.

Education Requirement

To be a program participant, you must have at least a Bachelor’s degree from an accredited school and register in a teacher certification program, or be already licensed as a teacher. As an alternative, you can have one year of college and at least six years of vocational or technical work experience or meet the requirements to be licensed as a vocational/technical teacher.

If you have not completed your college degree or teacher certification yet, enroll in either an online or on-campus program and let your Post 9/11 GI Bill pay for your education. If you don’t have enough GI Bill benefits left, the program has a financial assistance program available. However, if you accept financial assistance, you incur a three-year teaching obligation.

Financial Assistance Requirement

Their financial assistance program has two types of aid available – stipend and bonus. If you need to get your teacher certification, you may be eligible for up to a $5,000 stipend to help pay certification costs. In return for accepting the stipend, you incur a three-year teaching obligation in a “high need” school district.

In lieu of the stipend, you could choose the $10,000 bonus. While the requirements and obligations are the same, you will be assigned to a school district having a large population of disadvantages students, instead of just a high need school.

With the No-Child-Left-Behind Act of 2001, the TTT program helps fill severe teacher shortages in critical subject areas, such as math, science and special education. Make your dream, and those of many students, come true through the Troops to Teachers program.


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6 thoughts on “The Troops to Teachers Program”

  1. Michael Southerly

    Hi, so if I read this correctly; I served from 1977 until 1993, I was in both the Army and Marine Corps, and Honorable Discharged, and a 30% or more Disabled Veteran. I have two degrees one is a BA in Psychology/Social Work. Because of the time of service I can not qualify?

  2. Hello Ron,

    Thank you for your post and for spreading the word about Troops to Teachers.

    A few minor clarifications I’d like to make about the program:

    – In order to register, candidates do not have to already be enrolled in a certification program.

    -Besides financial assistance, Troops to Teachers also provides counseling services, including advising candidates on teacher certification pathways, identifying employment opportunities, assisting with cover letters/resumes and referring candidates to other valuable veterans resources. Even if a candidate does not meet the eligibility requirements for financial assistance, he or she could still be eligible for counseling (dependent on length of service–6 on active duty, as you mentioned and 10 years for the reserves).

    – Troops to Teachers does NOT place candidates in positions. Candidates must undergo the interview process and compete with others who are not program candidates to secure jobs. How TTT can help is that we make direct connections with public and charter schools, many of whom are very interested in hiring veterans because of their experience and dedication. We are able to recommend candidates to district heads and school hiring organizations as well, which gives our candidates a strong competitive edge in the job market.

    Visit to register and find your state or regional office. For veterans in PA or NY, please contact me toll-free at 1-855-241-2173.


    Beth Murray
    Program Assistant
    Troops to Teachers Pennsylvania & New York

    1. Thanks for the additional information Beth. It does sound like a win-win program for those that want to be teachers and kids that want to be taught.

    2. Beth,
      Appreciate your clarifying the Troops to Teachers issues not quite correct in the article.
      The bonus is tied to being hired to teach in a “high-needs school” and the most a participant in Troops to Teachers may receive is a total of $10K

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