Tax Credits Provide Job Opportunities for Veterans


On Nov. 7, 2011, President Barack Obama announced executive orders to give tax credits to employers who hire post-9/11 veterans and wounded warriors, as well as enhanced career counseling and related services for veterans.

The new Returning Heroes Tax Credit will provide companies up to $5,600 in credits for each unemployed veteran they hire. Similarly, a new Wounded Warriors Tax Credit offers employers up to $9,600 for each veteran with service-connected disabilities they hire.

Post-9/11 veterans can also download a Veteran Gold Card that entitles them to six months of personalized case management, assessments and counseling services at One-Stop Career Centers nationwide. This service could benefit more than 200,000 post-9/11 veterans, according to White House officials.

In addition, the Labor Department launched My Next Move for Veterans, an online tool where veterans can enter information about their military experience and skills to identify civilian careers that put those skills to use. The site also offers information about salaries, apprenticeships, and other related education and training programs.

A new job bank, developed in partnership with leading job search companies, will allow employers to tag job postings for veterans, helping connect unemployed veterans to job openings. According to the White House, more than 500,000 job openings have already been tagged.


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8 thoughts on “Tax Credits Provide Job Opportunities for Veterans”

  1. Pre-9/11 Disabled Veteran

    Nothing against my fellow military brothers and sisters for being able to secure employment with this program, but I don’t think it’s fair or alright to ignore the countless hundreds of thousands of other disabled veterans who served this country before 9/11, also.

    Plain and simple, it’s discriminatory.

    1. Absolutely Right! I am a Disabled Marine that was Medically Discharged on my Birthday, August 1995. It is without a doubt, discriminating against all other Veterans with Service Connected Disabilities! Just because I did not feel the call to join after the attacks on September 11. I felt the need to join right after the Gulf War! I joined March 3, 1993. I’d say enough about the job market, how about the government start helping the Disabled Veterans who have been screwed over on their Disability claims! I’ve been fighting since 1995, only to keep hearing the same old lines “Your not bad enough”! Unfortunately the truth is, coming from a Physicians Assistant through my Pain Management Program within the VA, It’s about Money! You join, you get messed up, then the same Government Programs who want others to help out veterans, don’t do it themselves! Semper Fi…… LCpl McKinney

  2. Mark A.Isenberg

    These services have always been available at the One Stops. I have been a Disabled Veteran Outreach Program Specialist (DVOPS) for the State of Ohio for two years now. Veterans already receive priority of service and have had access to these services for years now. Title 38, Chapters 41 and 42 outline these services. What we really need is employers to start hiring our veterans.

  3. Including VA which seems to restrict hiring to on board employees. Also assess VA preference after selecting best qualified. CPOL
    Seems to do same.

  4. Well I have been applying for over a month now. Nothing has come up and I apply to an average of 25 jobs a day. In fact one I applied to today and because of me being a veteran I was denied. Not sure if the plan will work or not.

  5. While I agree with the law I agree with a previous post and that is there are Veteran’s pre 9/11 out there disabled and not that have fallen through the cracks! I think the politicians need to make these laws all inclusive, why do they keep changing the G I Bills & Laws if you served then you should have the same everything, no troop, sailor, marine should be treated any different just as when you served, as now the pre 9/11 vets feel over looked and that the post 9/11 vets are some how more deserving. Yes I am a disabled vet, long story.

  6. When you see tax breaks that discriminate such as this, they are purely political in nature. They are designed only for the “optics” of it – so it APPEARS we have a caring president at work – not to seriously provide veterans with the help they need. In a liberal administration such as this, tax revenue is their lifeblood. If they were to swing the tax break doors open for employers hiring ALL vets regardless of service dates, their precious tax booty would seriously decline and they couldn’t continue paying off the unions and other failed socialist policies. I’m an unemployed Gulf 1 disabled vet and this is a punch in the gut to all who served. It is pure political pandering.

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