Supercommittee Drops the Ball


Beginning in September, members of the bipartisan committee on deficit reduction, which has become known as the “Supercommittee,” has been working on how to cut $1.2 trillion in federal spending over the next 10 years. Unfortunately, they failed to meet the Nov. 23, 2011 deadline.

This means terms agreed to August regarding the $1.2 trillion will go into effect. Half of that amount will be pulled from defense programs, and the other half will be spread over non-security programs, although Social Security and Medicaid will be protected. The cuts would go into effect starting in 2013.

What does that mean for the military?

Troops could see fewer military jobs, less dwell time, more outdated equipment and plenty of frustration for military planners for years to come, making morale and enlistment key issues for the future. Lack of funding could also lead to poor readiness and an inability to keep up with adversaries.

The military’s end strength and equipment replacement would likely face drastic cutbacks. According to Army Chief of Staff Gen. Ray Odierno, the National Guard response to U.S. natural disasters would likely be curtailed, and fewer personnel could mean longer deployments for the troops left serving. This would mean a significant decline in humanitarian efforts by the U.S.

With the already in-the-works changes to military retirement and new Tricare fees for veterans, moves that could save hundreds of millions of dollars, cutting military pay and cost-of-living for veterans could be on the chopping block.

A Dec. 16 deadline could be one of the last opportunities to make changes to the defense budget for the 2012 fiscal year.


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11 thoughts on “Supercommittee Drops the Ball”

  1. I just don’t understand how taking things away from our military is going to make us a stronger nation. Taking things away from people in this country will only weaken the very fiber that this country was built on. You might as well just come out and say, “we are taking away your hope” deal with it!

  2. Wolfgang Grossmann

    I have a better idea FIRE the Republicans who favor the rich with unfair tax cuts. Even the rich 166 of the wealthies say they need tp do more. The little guy in the trenches the ordinary soldier gets screwed as always. Vote your heart but mine went from REPUBLICAN RIGHT WING LIARS to some one that cares for Veterans.

  3. I hope the American People remember this come next election and
    take the proper steps to remove the deadbeats from congress and
    elect senators and representatives who will do the job they are being
    paid to do, stand up for the Americam People and do the right thing.
    The wimps in congress now only have one agenda, them selves and they don’t give two hoots about the people who voted for them.

  4. well it dont come as news to me because thats what somebodys presidents mission was from the start and when the first bomb hits here i can only hope its on hes house first… i never trusted him and never will call it hate if you will but we need a real leader in DC

    1. Actually the mission was to end an unjust war. The ignorance surrounding the war machine and foreign policy never ceases to amaze me. We are making more enemies with our foreign policy than anything else. The idea that because of military cut backs we will be faced with bombs dropping on US soil is pure ignorance. Read some history and you will learn that dropping bombs is our MO. Perhaps you long for a reurn to the increadible ignorance that was G.W. Bush, starting wars on false pretenses for the sake of war profeteering. The military needs to be cut. We do not need to be starting a new war every four years and spending trillions of dollors occupying a country that posses no threat to national security. Leave vetrerans benefits and other social programs alone and make the cuts where it will be most benificial for the nation as a whole. Stop the ignorant war mongering, it has gotten us nowhere.

  5. Congress and Senate should take a payout and pay for they healthcare. They should have make cut to they retirements programs.Why should we the Veterans have to pay and they not.

  6. So why can we as a nation drop their pay cut it in half and make all of these politicians be accountable for ever single dollar they spend to include their special interest who have been lining their pockets for favors for years?

  7. Why is it the spending cuts always come from the bottom of the pay scale and the ones who can least afford it? Is’nt about time that the ones who are doing the cutting, take a cut in pay and benefits. The only time they care about veterans is when they start another war.

  8. Gary James Weber

    I am really glad to hear storys about troups coming home and the wars winding down. But, to return to what? No jobs, what skill does a grunt learn? 1 Million veterans waiting for compensation due to service connected dissabilities, even going back to Viet Nam vets. PTSD to Gulf War Syndrom, Washington should be ashamed, but they’re not!

  9. It’s time the American people take a stand. We need to start a movement to start term limits take away their power to make sure they benefit themselves before taking care of the hard working people.This congress is the worst bunch of incompetents we have ever had.

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