State Benefits Series: Arkansas

State Benefits Series: Each state has their own department of veterans affairs, but many veterans are not aware of what benefits these state departments offer that are different from the federal Dept. Va.  This series hopes to clear that up.  In alphabetical order, we will tell you what each state offers.  Some articles will have just one state, and some will have several states.


Each state is divided into several categories, so you can easily see an overview of the benefits available in that section.  The categories are: Education, Employment/Retirement, Taxes, Vehicles Licensing, Death/Burial, and Other Benefits.


Today: Arkansas

Previous States: AL, AK, AZ



Free Tuition and Fees: Arkansas can provide free tuition and fees to any state supported university for the spouse/surviving spouse and/or dependents of a person who was declared either a prisoner of war, missing in action, or killed in action since January 1, 1960.



Arkansas maintains a center for employment counseling and referrals specifically tailored to the concerns of veterans.  Contact the Arkansas Department of Workforce Services.



Exemption from all personal property taxes:


The veteran is being awarded monthly compensation from Dept. VA for any of the following: 1. Loss of (or loss of use of) one or more limbs 2. Loss of sight in one or both eyes. 3. Is rated as service connected disability of 100%, totally and permanently disabled.

Income Tax Exemption: The first $6,000 income of a retired (20 years or more of service) veteran is exempt from state income taxes.



None found.  (Careful! don’t die!)


Vehicle Licensing:

Arkansas offers a variety of commemorative license plates.  Veterans are required to provide proof of the award/wartime service/whatever else which the desire license plate commemorates.  (Side note: Including the Cold War, can’t say I’ve ever seen a Cold War license plate before.)


Other Benefits:

Hunting and Fishing licenses:

Arkansas has several discounted hunting and fishing license for veterans who are 100% disabled.

Camping Permits:

50% discounted camping permits are available to veterans who are 100% disabled.


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  1. Audrey, Are you a relative of DOC Beebe, 173rd Airborne, A Co, 4/503 Vietnam 68-69. He was our medic. Lost contact with him 40 yrs ago. You favor him in appearance. Just wondering.
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