State Benefits Series: Arizona

State Benefits Series: Each state has their own department of veterans affairs, but many veterans are not aware of what benefits these state departments offer that are different from the federal Dept. Va.  This series hopes to clear that up.  In alphabetical order, we will tell you what each state offers.  Some articles will have just one state, and some will have several states.


Each state is divided into several categories, so you can easily see an overview of the benefits available in that section.  The categories are: Education, Employment/Retirement, Taxes, Vehicles Licensing, Death/Burial, and Other Benefits.


Today: Arizona

Previous States: AL, AK


Payment deferment:  If a veteran or veteran’s dependent has applied for GI Bill funds, then that person can delay payment of tuition and fees to a state supported college for up to 120 days with no interest or penalties.  If GI Bill funds are still not received by then, a further extension can be granted.



Preferential Hiring: Veterans are deemed to have preference when applying for state jobs which use a merit system, if they are otherwise qualified for the job.  Upon examination, veterans will have 5 points added to their score, and disabled veterans will have 10 points added to their score.  Some spouses and surviving spouses are eligible for this bonus as well.

Retirement time consideration: A veteran who serves on with the police or fire department will have their honorable time in service added into their employment time when considering retirement.



Tax exempt federal payments: Some federal payments to veterans are tax free up to $2,500 per year.

Property tax exemption: Exempt from property taxes up to $3,000 if the total value is assessed under $10,000.


The surviving spouse of a veteran, or a disabled veteran

Note: the order of this tax exemption goes 1. Real estate. 2. Mobile home. 3. Vehicles.



Upon death of a veteran or surviving spouse: If a veteran or surviving spouse passes away whose family is financially unable to provide burial, the County Board of Supervisors is will take the necessary steps to ensure that the veteran is not buried in a cemetery used specifically to bury paupers.  (My own personal side note: we still have such things in this country?!?!)

Special Headstone: When a veteran passes away, the county clerk will ask the Dept. VA for an appropriate headstone and arrange for its placement.


Vehicle Licensing:

Exemption from vehicle license tax and/or registration fees:


Veteran is deemed 100% disabled by the Dept. VA.


The vehicle was bought using funds furnished by the Dept. VA specifically to purchase the vehicle.

Note: if a spouse is listed on the vehicle, the taxes and fees are 50% of normal cost.


Other Benefits:


Hunting and Fishing licenses:

Provided free to veterans age 70 or older who have resided in Arizona for 25 years or more


Provided free to veterans rated 100% disabled who have resided in Arizona for 1 year or more.

Free state park day pass:

Arizona resident veterans who are 100% disabled are eligible for a free day pass.  This pass covers all 27 state parks.

Commemorative license plates: There are multiple different license plates available commemorating different wars, services, and awards.  On most, the fee is $25.  For a select few, there is no fee.

Arizona State Veteran Home:

Arizona maintains a veterans home.  For more information pertaining to this home, please contact the Veteran Home Administrator at 602-248-1550


Photo thanks to wallyg  under creative commons license on Flickr.

3 thoughts on “State Benefits Series: Arizona”

  1. Basically, unless you are 100% disabled by VA standards in AZ, your state benifits are almost 0. AZ needs to take some lessons from the state of Minnesota where they treat their veterans way better than AZ for sure. AZ in my opinon when it comes to benifits for vets sucks!!!! CHECK OUT MN BENIFITS FOR VETS!!!!!

  2. I think Arizona should offer more to the veterans that are not 100%. Like free fishing and hunting 50% or higher and discounted for all veterans. Discount vehicle tags. It is so hard to get 100% and for those veterans who have been fighting for years and are at 80% combined should get something.

  3. Why can i not get veterans health benifits? I served in 1969 and seventy,and i am a veteran with an honorable discharge. They tell me that i made too much money last year,but i am now retired on social security .

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