Stanford PTSD Neural Study Needs Participants

There are so many veterans with PTSD, any help that can be offered is almost always welcome.  The Etkin Lab at Stanford School of Medicine is taking steps forward to help those veterans out.  The Lab has designed a study to track the neural and physical changes in the brain of a person who suffers from PTSD while they participate in psychotherapy.

The Stanford Lab says that tracking these types of changes can help them develop more effective treatment strategies for PTSD sufferers.  The study will cover a span of five years, and needs sixty-four participants.  The eligibility criteria is not too stringent either, participants must be

1. over 18 years of age, but under 65

2. right-handed (Aside: My non scientific mind is thinking this is because of the way in which handedness is tracked in brain neurology?)

3. no history of, or current neurological disorders, or seizure disorders

4. a PTSD assessment will be made over the phone, so a previous medical diagnosis of PTSD is not required

The study does take place at the Stanford Lab and surrounding area, so living in, or being able to move to, this geographical location is also necessary.  Participants will be paid up to $430 for participation.  Additionally all psychotherapy is free of charge.  The course of the five years will be first an initial in-person assessment and a functionalMRI scan, assignment to a treatment group, and possible further fMRI or Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation (TMS) scans.  Next comes 9 to 12 sessions of therapy.  The study uses a method of prolonged exposure therapy, which has been shown to be especially effective in treating PTSD.  At the end of the five years, another in-person assessment, fMRI scan, and a sleep assessment will conclude participation in the study.

Anyone interested in participation can email  or call (and leave a voicemail ) 650-549-4604.


Normally there would be a bright colored picture of a brain image at the top of this but flickr was down, and I doubt that my MS Paint skills would be quite the same!

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    I guess the brains of Viet Nam vets (the guys for whom the diagnosis was written in DSM II -’84/’85) 65 years or older don’t have neural or physical changes worthy of comparison any more…

    Why does that NOT surprise me??????

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