Smart Military Money, a New Blog for You

Hey folks, we’ve got something new for you today.  Our team is developing a new blog which many of you may be interested in.  Everyone likes money, but we don’t all like to read the Wall Street Journal or Money Magazine to find out good ways to use or save our money.  Military and veterans’ families often have different monetary priorities and obligations than civilian families.  This new blog, Smart Military Money, is being written for all of you, our veterans and service-members.

Let us go another step further; asking you all what financial subjects you are interested in.  Sorry, we can’t tell you how to win the lottery or make easy money quick, but you know that.  We want to serve the interests of all of our veterans, so regardless of your financial status, whether you make lots of money or only a little, ask your questions, give us your comments, what you would like to see, even what you are sick of seeing in financial blogs and news.  We’ll be reading everything you guys give us, and making the best blog we can.

Give us your comments either here, at the blog, or our facebook page, or you can even email me if you wish to remain private at .


2 thoughts on “Smart Military Money, a New Blog for You”

  1. Does this blog refer to all benfits and entitlements? I’ve been curious if the new GI Bill applies to now retired vets who spent time in OIF/OEF.

  2. Steve, yes, we try to address all range of benefits here. As long as you are within 10 years of your separation date, you can get the GI Bill benefit. The new GI Bill (Post 9/11) bill is available to you, as long as you served after 9-11-2001, which it sounds like you did.

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