Scam E-mail Posing to be from the VA

Make sure you clear this from your inbox, it’s a fake.

Somebody sent an e-mail—posing as an attorney for the Department of Veterans Affairs—to veterans to warn them about employing the services of a group called Veterans Affairs Services. The Better Business Bureau (BBB) notified veterans that the e-mail is not from who it claims to be from, and told veterans not to click on any embedded links.

At first glance, it looks like Michael Daugherty sent the e-mail. However, the sender is actually Jon Thompson at BBB Military Line checked with the VA, who confirmed that Daugherty is a VA attorney, but neither he nor any other VA official sent such an e-mail.

After the first paragraph, there’s a Facebook link that may contain a virus. BBB advises recipients of the e-mail not to click on this link. For veterans seeking help from a VA-recognized organization to file a claim for VA benefits, the VA suggests veterans visit the general counsel’s accreditation page.

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