Roundup Issue # 18

This week in the blog was a bit more fun filled than last week for sure.  The Government managed to avoid a shut down once again, though nothing else has been seen from that.  So we told you about a new program from TRICARE, a change in the prescription billing methods from the VA, some job tools to help veterans find work, and a handful of veterans news snippets.

TRICARE Young Adult Program

Designed to alleviate the growing problem of over age 18 military children are no longer covered under their parent’s TRICARE and yet are unable to get their own health insurance.  TRICARE Young Adult Program is TRICARE insurance for the adult children of military parents who are still under age 26, and are unmarried.

VA Changed Billing for Prescriptions

This is just a paperwork change, and actually is designed to have no affect on veterans at all.  The VA has changed from charging third party insurance companies a flat fee that is the average of all prescriptions filled to the actual cost of each prescription plus a service fee.

Jobs for Veterans Tools

This is a piece on a website that helps veterans looking for employment know which directions to get started in.  Sometimes the hardest part of looking for a job after the military is knowing where to look and in what fields.  The tools provided by this website should help offer a little bit of direction.

Veterans’ New Snippets

Here are a few of the veterans’ news bits that we’ve come across that either didn’t provide quite enough information for a while blog article, or in one case, provided way too much.


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