Photo Tribute to Female Veterans

Last month, March, was women’s history month.  To honor the contribution that women have made to America’s military, the Veterans Benefits Administration asked female veterans, their friends, and their families to submit photos showing our military women.

Here are some of those photos, men, we thank you for your service, and your acceptance of women in the ranks next to you.  Women, we thank you for displaying the courage to join the men in the ranks, and serve alongside them.

Here are some of the photo collection that showcase the past half century of women in our military forces.


Marty McGrathMarty McGrath, served in the U.S. Navy from 1959 to 1963.


Sara SkinnerSara Skinner, served as a Military Police Platoon Leader in Iraq from 2003-2004 and a second

tour from 2004-2005.


Elsie PickettElise Lorraine Nee McKay Pickett served in the Women’s Army Auxiliary Corps and the

Women’s Army Corps.


Megan Malloy

Meghan Malloy (left), U.S. Army, photographed with other female soldiers she served

with in Iraq from ’05-’06.


Tamara KureyTamara Kurey, currently a Major, and the Inspector General for the 338th Military Intelligence

Battalion, U.S. Army Reserve.  She is pictured in Iraq in 2009.


Megan MorseMegan Morse, flying in Iraq in 2003.  She served in the Marines from 2000-2004.

The entire collection of photos can be viewed here on flickr.


All photos courtesy of U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs, under creative commons license on flickr.



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  1. well done ladies its was an honor to serve with all the women when I was in. often you made the difference between success and failure.

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