Patriot Express Initiative: SBA Loans for Veterans

The Small Business Association has a program called the Patriot Express Pilot Loan Initiative.  This is a program designed especially for military members and veterans who wish to start or expand a small business.  There are multiple advantages for veterans who own their own businesses.  Vetbiz assists veteran-owned businesses register so they can receive priority for many government contracts.

The Patriot Express is not a guaranteed loan.  The veteran who wishes to gain the loan must meet veteran status eligibility, as well as any requirements in place from the loan servicer.  These additional requirements can include business management training or experience, a solid and well developed business plan with financial predictions, and of course good credit.

Eligibility for the Patriot Express initiative is restricted to:

Veterans, including service-disabled veterans

Active duty military members who are eligible for the military’s Transition Assistance Program

Reservists and National Guard members

Current spouses of any of these four

Widowed spouses of a service member who died during service or a veteran who died of service related causes

Like most business loans, there are certain restrictions on what the loan proceeds can be used for.

Startup costs

Equipment purchases

Business-occupied real estate purchases


Infused working capital

Business management costs


Preparing your business in the case you are deployed

Setting up to sell goods and services to the government

Recovery from a natural disaster

One of the great benefits of using a Patriot Express loan from the SBA is that they are often awarded the lowest interested rates of any SBA loans.  This generally ranges from 2.25% to 4.75% above prime.  To find a lender that manages SBA loans in your area, check out this page from the SBA.

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4 thoughts on “Patriot Express Initiative: SBA Loans for Veterans”

  1. As an Honorably Discharged veteran, I an interested in gain the benefit of furthering my small business due to having been recently laid off my job. I started my on business due to having been laid off two (2) jobs within three (3) years of each other…. Starting my own business at age 50 was an imperative for me. Moreover, making sales to fund and sustain my business is a daily determination and venture. If there are any available funding via the SAB Patriot Express Pilot Loan Program or other sources, I would be ellated to hear and read about them after having conducted exhaustive internet reviews and research. I can be reached at 951.250.1456. Ask for Sherman.

    Respectfully submitted,
    Sherman Henderson, Owner

  2. I am interested in the Patriot Express Pilot Loan Program and I meet all of the requirements for this loan. I have contracts that back my need for this loan and great credit to back it up. The problem is that I am on probation and am worried that I will not get approved. I know that they usually handle this case by case but I was seeking some insight on this issue. Thanks

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