Obama Signs New Law Regarding Veterans’ Jobs


If you’re ready to take the next step and enter the civilian job market, it may have just become a little easier.

On November 21, 2011, President Barack Obama signed into law new veterans employment measures designed to get unemployed vets back to work and help recently separated military members make a successful transition to civilian life.

The legislation is the combination of Republican- and Democrat-backed job proposals, which passed through Congress earlier this month.

The tax credits will go into effect immediately, giving employers a financial incentive to hire applicants with military experience. Here’s how the tax credits break down:

•Veterans out of work at least one month: up to $2,400

•Veterans out of work at least six months: up to $5,600

•Disabled vets looking for work: up to $4,800

•Disabled vets out of work at least six months: up to $9,600

Many of the additions, including an extra year’s worth of GI Bill benefits for 100,000 unemployed veterans, new unemployment benefits for disabled veterans and a revamp of the military’s transition assistance program could take months to implement.

In August, White House officials estimated that the tax credits alone could help create more than 25,000 jobs for veterans in the next few years.

Members of both the U.S. House of Representatives and the U.S. Senate are continuing their efforts towards addressing the root of the unemployment issues, and working towards long-term solutions to keep veterans working.


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5 thoughts on “Obama Signs New Law Regarding Veterans’ Jobs”

  1. It would help if Veterans were giving jobs in the gov. also. I tried getting jobs at the VA, the City, the County and they only hire their friends and family members. I was overqualified for the jobs. The VA is supposed to give the Veteran a chance but they don’t they just give them a intervene and whomever is in charge hires who they want anyway, and they don’t care. 99 percent of the time the person hiring is NOT a veteran and could care less if they hire one or not. They are mostly nasty woman that got hired before they had rules and regulations to hire Vets and they still believe they don’t have to follow the guidelines and they don’t enforce the rules. This my friend is called the “good ole boy system”. lol If they think this will work, good luck none of your other plans worked.

  2. Wilbo Da Jarhead

    I agree with a lot of what Haaahaaa says. The employees at the V.A. are just like dealing with the ones at the DMV or any other gov’t run facility. You’re treated more as a nuisance than a “customer” (in most cases) And most of these employees are indeed ‘friends of friends” etc.. Some of the non-medical employees at the VA I go to should be flipping burgers! (Thank you afirm action etc…) And some of the medical staf… Well I’ll just say/ask aren’t they good enough to get hired at a private practice where they’d make more $$? Cuz they sure don’t seem to be there to help Veterans. Some truly are but from what I’ve experienced over the past 10+ years… I also fail to see how this helps Vets. It may give them a better chance at a getting a job (and pay more taxes) but the “Tax-break” is AGAIN helping the rich (company owners, CEO’s etc…) get richer like everything else Obama does. And IF we are lucky enough to land a gov’t job, that “tax break” seems like a nice thing for the gov’t. At least it MAY give some vets a fighting chance at a job that hopefully pays more than unemployment. It’s pretty hard to go from the military where, at an early age, you were responsible for others lives, millions of dollars of equipment, weapons and so much other responsibility, to a civilian job where some zit faced dummy is your boss. I’m glad vets are getting recognition but to do it in a way that benefits others is a shame. Justtired of Obama making the REAL benefit look like a benefit for others. But since the gov’t (from the President to the police) BLATENLY can ignore the constitution and break laws with no recourse why stop now. Our founding fathers must be freaking out in their graves! LOVE my country, FEAR my government! Semper Fi!

  3. I am a Viet Nam Era Veteran. Here at my place of employment, I was hired two years ago as a maintenance assistant. Later, another person was added to our crew and offered more money per hour. This person is not a US Citizen, not a Veteran, but on a green card, from Indonesia. I have two college degrees, have been in the workforce since 1968 and was hired here before him. We were employed for the same job and job description. I was really angry and complained when I found out that he not only started off with a higher pay, but had received a raise when he threatened to quit. I was told he had “skills that I lacked”. He now makes considerably more per hour.
    I recently changed positions within the company, so it’s no longer an issue. But worth mentioning none the less.

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