New Research for Gulf War Syndrome Approved


With Agent Orange issues finally being addressed, Congress has dedicated $10 million dollars to research Gulf War illnesses. This has subsided concerns about fitting new research into the budget.

This research is different than recent ventures because it is not directed by the Department of Defense or the Department of Veterans Affairs. The VA focused its research on the mental health issues of Gulf War veterans, rather than assuming a physical cause, while the DoD stopped funding research on Gulf War research several years ago.

A congressionally directed Medical Research Program suggests that the cause of many of the ailments were caused by bug sprays, antinerve agent pills and Sarin gas. The programs also says that treatments such as coenzyme Q10 appears to relieve some Gulf veterans’ symptoms, giving promise that the work being done isn’t in vain.

It is estimated that one in four Gulf War veterans have developed chronic headaches, widespread pain, memory and concentration problems, persistent fatigue, gastrointestinal problems, skin abnormalities or mood disturbances.

Jim Binns, chairman of the federal Research Advisory Committee on Gulf War Veterans’ Illnesses, maintains that members of Congress of both parties remain strongly committed to finding treatments for Gulf War illness.

The bill has already been passed by the Senate and signed by U.S. President Barack Obama.


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24 thoughts on “New Research for Gulf War Syndrome Approved”

  1. I’m glad the money is going towards our HEROES. BUT i wouldn’t want P.T.S.D. discredited either as a combat-born illness. God bless our HEROES, past, present and future!! WELCOME HOME!!

  2. I am thankful that this has been approved! I come from a family that believes fully in servicing our country, and many of them have given their lives for what “America believes in.” It is nice to see that we are finally addressing their “quality of life” issue, which is believed by, and practice by, medicine. By funding this venture we are one step closer to the reasons so many are ill, and at the beginnings to actually care for the men and women who gave their lives for us (and our beliefs). Congratulations to Congress and the field of medicine for practicing what is preached!

  3. Victor A. Worrell

    Thankyou! I’ve had alot of problems since DS, such as arthritic, neurological, and orthopedic conditions. I am currently and have been on long term disability since 2006, and just barely making it to my retirement from the military. All of us in my unit, that was deployed to DS were taking those antinerve agent pills, and most likely was exposed to other chemical’s there. Your help to us DS Service Member’s is very much appreciated.

  4. Its time that the government steps up and says it time to find answers to why vets come back from war areas and sufer from many different things do to chemicals that have been used and not only that type stuff but many other things that harm them. They did what the government told them and only to have the government pretty much turn them away once the do come home.

  5. My husband has all the listed aliments the most troublesome is a chronic skin condition since returning from the Gulf War. He has seen a number of Dr.s and no one knows what it is, it comes and gos. He swears it has something to do with the pills they had to take for bio. warfare threats.

  6. I was in desert strom on the aircraft carrier america attached to vfa-86 fighter squaderon. I dont know if we were exposed to this but I do have some of the problems listed do I qualify for any benefits from the va for this.

  7. Does this mean they also will reccognise it towards the WW11 vets also?
    They are still waiting for the help!
    And wat’s the side effects of the Q10?

  8. It sounds like Agent orange all over again. I still receive nothing for all the time I was in Vietnam and the contact I had with Agent Orange the Chemical Warfare waged against the Americans by the United States Gov.

    1. One of my neighbors was in Vietnam and was diagnosed with Lou Gerhirc (sp) Disease and suffered with it for many years and finally passed away in Aug. of 2009. His disease was directly related to Agent Orange and he received compensation financially from the military and his widow continues to receive money because of his death due to Agent Orange. You need to contact your branch of service and file paperwork for any disease due to your exposure to Agent Orange. Good Luck and God Bless

  9. Thank you for this information. As a DS vet and being denied on my claim, I would like to refile if possible. And more information would be appreciated.

  10. Still waiting for the Agent Orange issue to be addressed regarding blue water sailors in the Gulf of Tonkin. Agent Orange doesn’t seem to apply here!

  11. It’s about time! I’m sick and tired of the stonewalling and lies. I know there are things wrong with me from be over there and all they want to do is say I’m mkaing it up. Hog wash!!!!!! They sent me to do a job I did it and they just want me to die so they don’t have to deal with me.

  12. If you are having issues with a claim please contact your local CVSO (County Veterans Service Officer). They are there to help get your claim through. Also, organizations like the VFW, American Legion and DAV can help with appeals to claims. Most people are denied on at least part of their claim or given a smaller percentage than they should be getting. It’s unfortunate, but as Veterans need to fight for the services that were promised to us!

  13. I want them to acknowledge the children being born with birth defects. I have every one of these symptoms and I could care less but my son born with spina bifida did not sign that contract did he but he will never walk and the Govt denies any responsibility to date.

  14. i am a desert storm, and desert shield veteran, i am having a hard time getting any information, or any veteran’s benefits, i have digestive problems, and i have been experiencing skin, and problems with focus, and concentration, i also have symptoms that mimic cystic fibrosis. any help or assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

  15. I am glad there is going to be more research. Many of us served in the theater but not in Kuwait during the whole DS timeframe and many of us suffer from a number of those symptoms. I was healthy and doing well until my deployments (3) to ships in the Red Sea area, Egypt, SA and vicinity. Now am on permanent disability with a myriad of health issues, including FibroMyalgia, RA, OA and a host of other problems. Who knows what was in the food given to us on the ships, stuff in the air, shots to “protect” us, etc. I too am concerned about my son, who was born after that tour of duty. He has so far been fairly healthy but who knows what will develop as he matures. Thank you!

  16. I am glad for the research. A long with the 3 pills we had to have a shot of something in our buttock before we deployed, i have neuropathies in both legs, and tingleing in both foot, but everyone is telling me not svs connected. WOW!

  17. I am a researcher at Massachusetts General Hospital, and we have received funding from the DoD to study Gulf War Illness. If you are interested in participating, please see our following IRB approved ad:

    Are you a veteran of the Gulf War (1990-1991)?

    We seek men and women who served in the Gulf region during the first Gulf War (1990 -1991) for a research study. Veterans with or without Gulf War Illness are eligible. This involves one visit to Massachusetts General Hospital during which various tests for nerve injury will be performed, including removal of a small skin-biopsy from your lower leg under local anesthesia. Payment for participation is offered. For more information, please contact Siena Napoleon ( at 617-726-9391.


  18. Chronic headaches(oh, MIGRAINES), widespread pain(FIBROMYALGIA), memory and concentration problems(FIBROMYALGIA AND CHRONIC FATIFUE SYNDROME), persistent fatigue, CHRONIC FATIGUE SYNDROME),gastointestinal problems,(YES), skin abnormalities,(YES) or mood disturbances, (YES)??????????????????????????
    Wow, looks like my Physical Examination Board Report from the Spring of 1992, Which I am, get this, service connected for all the above items, bu they discharged me, medically, for all this, but I have been living with all this for the last 20 years, but they wouldn’t give much of anything from 1993, until 2004, and then it still is not right, as it should of been from the start of the service connected issues?????? I guess I now need an Attorney, to sue the VA?????

  19. Edward J Verkin Jr

    20 million dollars is actually a laugher when it comes to funding a major study such as this. Congress needs to open the pockets and throw more money into this research. I for one have a skin condition which comes and goes and flares up to cracking and bleeding for no reason, I have GERD, I have diabeties, I have migranes, chronic joint and muscle pain….but I am a healthy veteran according to the VA which pays me 10% for these conditions because they say I DO NOT have Gulf War Syndrome. Hopefully some day in the future the VA will pull their heads out of the sand and compensate the Veterans the way they should be.

  20. WOW. I have problems with both legs, cannot stand on heel or toes, toes cant move on left foot, severe sinuses and joint pain i had two shots in my hip area and i also took some pills for chemical and biological issues. The doctors at the va only care about themselves.

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