New Petition to Address GI Bill’s “Fairness-to-Veterans Retiring Before August 1, 2009”


I often field questions from pre-August 1, 2009 retirees that are disgruntled that they never had an opportunity to transfer Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits to dependent family members. If you are not aware of the issue, 20-year+ veterans retiring between December 10, 2001 and July 31, 2009, are fully eligible for the Post 9/11 GI Bill transfer option being they are “retirement eligible” and served for at least three years after September 10, 2001 (active duty) or 90-days on a Title 10 order after that same date (National Guard or Reserves).

However, when Congress wrote the transfer rules for the Post 9/11 GI Bill, the transfer requirement was serving “on or after August 1, 2009”. By that time this group of veterans had retired – some missing the August 1st date by one day.

There have been a couple pieces of legislation in the past that would have allowed these veterans their opportunity to transfer, however, not only did the legislation not pass, neither piece even came up for a vote; subsequently both pieces expired and died in place.

Right now, there is a petition circulating on behalf of all 20-year + eligible veterans who retired during the December 10, 2001 – July 31, 2009 window. The petition part reads:

“We, the undersigned, call on the President Obama to initiate a Post 9/11 GI Bill Transfer-of-Benefits equality and fairness to 20+ year retired Military Veterans in both groups, as defined in the Preamble, retiring between, and including, December 10, 2001 to July 31, 2009, by allowing them a one-time opportunity to pass on unused Post 9/11 GI Bill benefits to dependent family members.”

If you would like to read the preamble part of the petition, which gives the background information and defines the veterans in each affected group, please click on the link above. Right now there isn’t any federal legislation that would provide for this change. There is no way of knowing if this effort will be successful or not, but it needs your support. As most of us know, there is power in numbers.


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28 thoughts on “New Petition to Address GI Bill’s “Fairness-to-Veterans Retiring Before August 1, 2009””

  1. I retired from the Navy on 31 October 1998. I would like to know if I am eligible to transfer my education benefits to my daughter born in 1994. Which GI Bill do I use if I am eligible? So many questions and hardly any resources to answer them without waiting months, and years sometimes for a reply.
    Is there a quick list available that would clarify what benefits by retirement year that all veterans could use to see which benefits we are eligible for, and the dates that some will expire. I draw VA benefits as well as retirement pay, and have been told the VA benefits will expire in 2014. Why would they expire? CDRP is what I receive. Thanks

    1. Hi Dorothy. Back in 1998, you would have had the Montgomery GI Bill – Active Duty. That GI Bill in itself did not have any transfer to dependents options, however, I’m not familiar with the CDRP program to know it there is some provision in it that would change it.

      As far as expiration date, the Montgomery GI bill has a 10-year “shelf life”, so based on that alone, your education benefits should have epxired in 2008, but since you were told you have until 2014, there is obviviously some tie to CDRP.

      Why your CDRP benefits will epxire in 2014, I have no idea, and there isn’t a benefit list by year that I know of. I hoipe this helps.

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  2. Agreed, we should have the ability to transfer post 9/11 education benefits…. it was a rediculous oversight…

  3. Jeffrey McDowell

    I attempted to transfer my GI Bill benefits online 90 days before I retired. Found out the VA didn’t recieve my application. I retired in Feb. 2011. Lets open this time up to include all the people that have petitioned but got turned down, post-retirement, like me!!

    1. I agree, but that is separate issue. You at least had the opportunity to make a transfer request (even if it wasn’t successful). The group in the petition never had that chance. Let’s tackle this one first and then deal with the other issue if this one is successful.

    1. Just click on the word “petition” in black text in the article. That is a link that will take you to the petition, where you can read it over and sign it if you choose to do so.

  4. AOC(AW) Ret. Michael J. Trimmer

    I would greatly appreciate it if this petition went through and got passed in Congress. I retired in Aug 2007 and have two teenage girls that are planning their college careers right now. I will most likely not be using my GI Bill benefits and it would help my daughters out alot. Thank you to whoever started this petition.

    Thanks again,
    M. J. Trimmer
    AOC(AW) Ret
    US Navy

    1. Thanks Michael. Actually I started it. I blog on the GI bill for a few different websites and this issue keeps cropping up all the time and rightly so.

      There have been a couple pieces of legislation in the last couple of years that if passed, would have fixed this issue. But not only did they not pass, they never even came to a vote.

      I don’t know if we will be successful or not, but at least it is a shot.

    1. Just click on the word “Petition” in black text in the article. That wil take you to the petition where you can read it over and sign it.

  5. Kenneth Krueger

    I retired 1 January 2009. Several months prior to my retirement, I informed my admin section that I wanted to transfer my educational benefit to my Daughter. I was informed that the rules were still being hashed out, but they would enter a pg11 entry in my SRB to document my intent. When the rules did come out, I found out I was out of luck. If I would have known the rules up front, I would have delayed my retirement long enough in order to transfer these benefits.

    1. In the beginning Kenneth there was a lot of confusion and people like you were promised things that the people making the promises had no control over. They were writing checks that could not be cashed.

      Unfortunately, hindsight is 20/20, however, with enough support, we might have a chance to right this last remaining Post 9/11 GI BIll wrong.

  6. I am in a similar situation. I retired after 21 years of service July of 2010. After I retired, I wanted to transfer my GI bill to my daughter and was told that I had to have done that prior to my active duty being finished. I was never briefed on this requirement and I know of quite a few people that are in thesame situation. I was never informed of any stipulation during any of my TAP briefings or VA briefings. I would love to try and get this issue resolved or at least some attention paid to it. I feel as if I and many others had this information kept from us deliberately.

    1. You know Efrem, I hear this all the time. You would think by now, that kind of information would be in TAP briefings.

      But that is a separate issue that I want to work on next if this one is successful.

  7. This is the right thing to do for veterans. It is also the right thing to do for society as a whole. When our veterans serve so do their families. Sharing the benefits has always been a part of the GI Bills from health benefits, to buying a house. Transferring the GI Bill education benefit to family makes for a more educated and active electorate. It is that simple.

  8. I would like to know can there be any kind provisions for any one who have or had any benefits that they never use them when they retire transfer them to their kids or kids after 20 or more year of service !!!

    1. Right now there isn’t any provision, and the two previous pieces of legislation failed to come to a vote, so that is why I started the petition.

      Click on the highlighted word petition in the above article. Then read it over and if you would like to support it, please consider signing it.

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